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Founder's Letter: Year 0

Updated: Aug 22

I've been waiting a long time for this. Two things have always been true about me: I've always been obsessed with deeply understanding people and I've always wanted to start a business. These two passions have collided in the form of Eupsychian--an applied social science company dedicated to understanding what makes communities and cultures thrive and creating such thriving communities throughout the world. We’re embarking on a journey of creating new “owned and operated” communities as well as making content, coaching, and consulting service available to others seeking to do the same.

It's a lot, I know.

The company is inspired by famed psychologist Abraham Maslow's "Eupsychia" thought experiment. Maslow suggested that communities filled with highly self-actualizing people would create conditions that spurred the ever-increasing growth and prosperity of those communities. He thought that what we believe about ourselves and others--and how we treat one another--helps set the stage for growth (or decline).

I've spent the past couple of years devouring research about these "eupsychian" beliefs and norms of people, in order to answer one really big question:

What do people in "psychologically healthy cultures" (as Maslow's "eupsychia" roughly translates) think and do to lift themselves and others up?

The short answer: I'm not complete sure. But, I've got some ideas.

Social science fields like positive and humanistic psychology shed a lot of light on the subject. Economic insights like "emergent order" add to the equation. I was tempted to wait until I fully understood the question before launching the company, but I increasingly believe that this is a never-ending journey. Moreover, I'm confident that I know enough to get started.

I hope you'll learn with me (I'm launching some ways to do that soon). In the meantime, stay tuned. Let's go learn how to build communities that thrive together!


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